1. Students are advised to be self-disciplined, well-behaved, good-mannered, punctual, prompt, regular, obedient & courteous.
2. At the stroke of the first bell at school every student should hurry to attend the Assembly. Students should take up their positions without making any noise. There should be pindrop silence at the time of the Assembly. After the Assembly students should march back to their respective class rooms in perfect order. Late comers to the Assembly will be severely dealt with.
3. No student, under any circumstances, should be found to be loitering outside the class-rooms during the class hours.
4. No student should go out of the classroom without the permission of the class teacher.
5. No student should abstain from classes without proper leave application.
6. Punctual and regular attendance at the school is compulsory.
7. Applications for leave have to be given in advance. In case it is not possible. It should be given just after the day of absence. Medical Certificate is necessary in case of prolonged absence on account of illness.
8. Pupils should handle all school books, other teaching aids and games articles given to them with due care. Cost would be realized for any deliberate destruction of the same by them.
9. Using indecent language or vulgar expressions or any gross misconduct would lead to removal of pupil from the school. In such cases, the parents will be intimated of the matter.
10. Gold jewellery should not be worn.
11. Students should talk to each other and with teachers only in English.
12. Every student shall have with him/her School Diary the text books and note books required for the class he/she attends. No news papers, periodicals, comics etc., other than school books shall be brought to the school.
13. Girls should not apply nail polish or mehandi during school session. Nails to be trimmed at least once in a week.
14. Boys should get their hair trimmed (Navy cut) and clean shaved at regular intervals.

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